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Lancelot Du Lac

Seemingly human, but functionally immortal, the Emperor discovered Lancelot on modern Earth in the 1980's. He had apparently been working for the British Military more or less continually since the 600's, but got discouraged after the Falklands. He is a fallen and redeemed paladin of peerless ability. He took the Emperor as a squire, and joined the The Free Imperia on Arda. Recently he has spent a lot of time drinking with Eltán in his command camp with various other notables; his historical input on the mistakes of Earth's EITC and the perils of colonialism, added into Eltán's thinking, helped flush out the plan for the West Arda Trading Company.

Lancelot Du Lac is a Paladin of Yahshua.

Paladin(Errant) L36 LG Human

Lancelot Du Lac's character sheet

Character History

In the Arthurian legend,

Lancelot of the Lake was the most famous knight of the Round Table. Part of his fame was that he became the lover of Queen Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur. Without doubt, Lancelot was the noblest figure in the Arthurian legend. Lancelot was the son of King Ban of Banoic (or Benoic or Benwick) and Helen or Elaine. (Since there are so many women in Lancelot's life were named Elaine, his mother was usually referred to Elaine of Banoic or Elaine of Benwick. Elaine became a nun, when her infant son (Lancelot) had vanished with Niniane, Vivien or Nimue, better known as the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake, who was a fay or faerie from the Otherworld, brought up Lancelot. The Lady of the Lake was named Niniane, Vivien or Nimue. The hero stayed with the Lady of the Lake until he was old enough to become a knight. His birth/baptismal name was Galahad, but was always called Lancelot, since his name was revealed in the cemetery of Dolorous Guard. According to the Grail legend, on his mother's side, Lancelot was the descendant of the noble line of King David of Israel.

Though he played a prominent part in the Quest of the Holy Grail (middle tale), he failed to win the Grail, because of his love for Guinevere, Arthur's wife. Adultery was considered a mortal sin to his religion. The story, required the knight to be free of sins, and either chaste or a virgin. Arthur gave Gaul (France) to Lancelot. When the friendship ended between himself and the two men he loved most (Arthur and Gawain), Lancelot gave the kingdoms of Banoic and Gaunes to his cousins, Bors and Lionel, while he gave the kingdom of Gaul to Arthur. His early adventure after being knighted, when Lancelot became lord of Dolorous Guard, which he had single-handedly conquered. Dolorous Guard was renamed to Joyous Guard, after he lifted the curse and enchantment from the castle.Lancelot also became involved in a war between King Arthur and Galehaut (Galehot).

Lancelot befriended Galehaut, the son of a giantess, Lord of the Sorelois and the Distant Isles (Remote Isles). Galehaut's love for his new friend resulted in his willingness to surrender to Arthur, at the moment of victory. For this service, Lancelot was offered a place on the Round Table. It was Galehaut who persuaded Queen Guinevere to return Lancelot's love, and helped his friend to receive his first kiss from the queen. Even though Galehaut wanted Lancelot to come back with him to his kingdom, Lancelot's love for Guinevere takes precedence over his friendship with Galehaut. When Galehaut heard false news of Lancelot's death, he fell ill and died. Galehaut was buried in Joyous Guard (formerly Dolorous Guard).

The next episode of the Vulgate Cycle was similar to the romance told by Chretien de Troyes' Le Chevalier à la charrette (“Knight of the Cart” or “Lancelot”). The knight named Meleagant, son of Baudemagus, abducted the queen; Lancelot sought to rescue the queen, by winning one duel against Meleagant, but spared his life. Lancelot was tricked into becoming Meleagant's prisoner. Secretly imprisoned in remote tower for months, Lancelot was rescued by Meleagant's sister. Lancelot turned up to face Meleagant in a second single combat. This time, Lancelot killed Meleagant by the severing of his enemy's head. Elaine, the daughter of King Pelles of Listenois, the Fisher King, tricked Lancelot into sleeping with her. Lancelot thought he was sleeping with Guinevere. The union resulted in the birth of Galahad, the future hero of the Grail quest.

At this stage, Lancelot became the greatest knight in the world. However, during the search for the Holy Grail, Lancelot failed, due to his adulterous love for Guinevere, the queen and wife of Arthur. It was his son Galahad who rose to ascendancy and would complete the quest for the grail. (See the Quest of the Holy Grail.) His affair with Guinevere became one of the most popular romances in Arthurian literature. After the Grail quest, their love set in motion in the destruction of Arthur's kingdom and the dissolution of the fellowship of the Round Table. Through their adultery, it resulted in the death of Gawain's three brothers, where Lancelot earned Gawain's enmity, the man whom Lancelot loved above all other. Two disastrous battles, between Arthur and Lancelot, would reach its climax, with Gawain becoming mortally wounded by his former friend. Their war had let Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son and half-brother of Gawain, to commit treason; Mordred had crowned himself king of Logres.

When news reached Lancelot of Arthur's death in battle, Lancelot exchanged his armour for the habits, and became a monk. When he died, he was buried beside his friend Galehaut at Joyous Guard. In many of the adventures, more than any other knights, Lancelot preferred to win these adventures through various disguises. He was known as the White Knight, the Black Knight and the Red Knight. Other names he was known by are Injured Knight, Knight of the Cart, and Knight of the Litter, Winner. He used these disguises by changing his armour. Sometimes changing to different shields, would achieve the same result; allowing him to go from one adventure to another, without anyone recognizing him.

At one time, Lancelot let himself be captured by Daguenet, Arthur's Fool, so he was known as Daguenet's Prisoner. None of his horse, shield or armour had any name attached to them, though his sword was called Secace. Unlike Gawain who has one famous horse, all his life, Lancelot often used other people's warhorses. He doesn't show the same care for horses as Gawain does; if warranted he would ride to them to death, as he did in Chretien's Chevalier de la Charrete. Though, Arthur and Round Table gained fame, honour and prestige through the prowess and adventure of Lancelot, Lancelot did in the name of love. Lancelot's great feat of arms at Dolorous Guard, killing two giants, and making Galehaut surrendered to Arthur - was all done for Guinevere.

These early adventures before the quest of Grail, earned him the reputation of the greatest knight in the world. Lancelot was exiled and cursed with immortality during his failing to recover the grail. After Arthur died he repented and became a monk for a time. He roamed the Earth for more then a millennia with no success. He had given up and taken up arms many times during the years and fought in many wars during the long tedious years. He had even met others cursed with immortality. He then entered the antique dealing business with the idea that he could find the grail. One day while he was working in his shop something came into his shop he had not seen in over 1600 years. One of the ancient elf race that had long ago retreated to Avalon walked right into his shop.

Lancelot could instantly tell the group that accompanied were mercenary. Aragorn Bloodrunner Eventine introduced himself and with one strange glance at his feet asked who he was. Lancelot answered “Lance” and was shocked when the elf answered “Lancelot Du Lake?” It elf was so quick it surprised Lancelot into answering “yes.” Aragorn then asked, “Are you still questing for the holy grail?” Lance shakily nodded his head… in the blink of an eye the elf wished… “I wish I had the Holy Grail” and promptly handed it to him! A selfless deed that broke a curse.

Aragorn was also an adventurer who offered Lancelot redemption and a chance to reclaim his honor. Lancelot left the Earth to help his new king. He keeps his allegiance with the Free Imperia and acts as a mentor to Aragorn. Aragorn being of very hardy stock, he often tells Lancelot that he is the only one who can teach him the ancient code of knighthood. Lancelot has turned down royal position but travels, as Aragorn's advisor yet stays aloof. His wisdom has taught him beyond his long years and he now serves in ways he could not in his mortal youth. He has collected followers and with Aragorn's help he is building a new order on Arda. His relationship with other religions has been colorful especially with his good friend Thalion Paurgiliath who is a paladin of Ilúvatar. He has come to learn that his God exists on may planes and worlds with other names. Lancelot can still no longer use magic, however his faith is still sound and he feels his redemption is a long road.

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